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To-do list

  1. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Tailscale.
  2. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Accessing services remotely.
  3. Start work on User:Glibg10b/ZNC.
  4. Improve IRC.
  5. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Archiving a talk page.
  6. Write about editing sections vs whole page (and /* */) (Help:Editing pages).
  7. Shorten Wiki markup primer (Help:Formatting).
  8. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Broadcom 0a5c:8543.
  9. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Dell Latitude 5440.
  10. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Realtek RTL8192EU.
  11. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Home Assistant.
  12. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Profile (Portage)/Customizing existing profiles.
  13. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Nautilus (or something).
  14. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Powerdevil (or something).
  15. Write an ebuild for Neovide.
  16. Clone Handbook in preparation for User:Glibg10b/EasyHandbook — a clone of the handbook with as many steps as possible moved after the first boot.
  17. Start work on User:Glibg10b/Fast Installation Guide: