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Hi Gentoo Wiki admins, I would like my account renamed to Waldo Lemmer.

Waldo Lemmer
Pretoria, South Africa (UTC +2)
Contact info
waldolemmer (IRC)

User info
Gentoo user since 2021
en-3This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
afThis user is a native speaker of Afrikaans.

About me

I'm a Computer Engineering student (Year 2). I enjoy cramming as much information into my noggin as I can handle.

I dream of a world

  • where we interact with software using only our keyboards,
  • where the C++ standards committee releases one well thought out C++ update with zero concern for backward compatibility,
  • with no interpreted programming languages and where every computer uses the same CPU architecture,
  • with tiled UIs instead of GUIs and circular screens instead of rectangular screens with arbitrary aspect ratios, and
  • without JSON.


I started out with Kali Linux. APT was broken on Kali at the time, so I switched to Ubuntu (using Kali as a daily driver is a bad idea anyway). Naturally, I then switched to Arch, saw Gentoo propaganda on Reddit, and decided to give it a try.

Well, three tries. Third time's the charm.


I prefer being comfortable at any computer; not just my own. This is reflected in the software I choose to use and how I configure it.

I prefer descriptivism, and yet I'm very focused on grammar.

I put slashes after URLs and directory paths.

Transient hobbies

  • Learning Zulu with Duolingo (I hate Duolingo, but I can't quit because I have a long streak)
  • Monkeytype
  • Anki
  • Recapping Cisco CCNAv7 — Introduction to Networks (I'm already certified)
  • If you're reading this, this list is probably outdated.

User pages


Desktop server (Hydrogen)

Laptop (Helium)

  • Got for free (thanks Sikelela Scholars!)
  • Model: Dell Latitude 5440
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-1335U
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Fingerprint reader: Broadcom 0a5c:8543 (expect an ebuild and article soon!)

Bootable USB drive (USB)

Model: Sandisk Ultra 64 GB

Graphics tablet

Model: XP-Pen Deco Mini 7

TP-Link TL-WN823N

Chipset: RTL8192EU (monitor mode and packet injection)


I keep my world files clean.

Desktop server (Hydrogen)


I have my reasons :)


(behind CGNAT and two firewalls with no open ISP-facing ports)

Windows 11

Debloated with AtlasOS

Laptop (Helium)

Gentoo Linux

  • Profile: local:minimal-desktop/minimal-plasma/systemd
    • Might write an article later, idk
  • FILE make.conf(truncated)
    COMMON_FLAGS="-Ofast -flto -pipe -march=alderlake -mabm -mno-cldemote -mno-kl -mno-pconfig -mno-sgx -mno-widekl -mshstk ..."
    LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} ${COMMON_FLAGS} -Wl,-O3 -Wl,--as-needed"
    FEATURES="distcc parallel-install"
  • user $wc -l /etc/portage/package.env
    13 /etc/portage
  • KDE Plasma (plasma-desktop)
    • With a few Windows keyboard shortcuts
  • Flashcard / spaced repetition learning software (Anki)
    • Highly recommended — spend a few minutes each day and never forget anything again
  • GNOME's file manager (Nautilus)
  • Good-looking Vim GUI (Neovide)
  • Firefox
  • Terminal emulator with GPU acceleration (kitty)
    • With gnome-terminal keyboard shortcuts
Power management

Windows 11

Debloated with AtlasOS

Bootable USB drive (USB)

Gentoo Linux

Profile: local:minimal-desktop/minimal-plasma/systemd

Windows 11

Debloated with AtlasOS