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pacvis is a tool to interactively display dependency graphs of the portage tree using a web interface. It can show graphs of the installed packages as well previews of emerges.


pacvis is available in the GURU overlay which can be added through either Eselect/Repository. GURU is an official Gentoo overlay that is maintained by Gentoo users. Assuming eselect repository is set up, the GURU overlay can be added by:

root #eselect repository enable guru

Then pacvis can be emerged:

root #emerge --ask app-portage/pacvis


pacvis uses tornado and vis.js to display portage depedency graphs. The graphs are based on the portage depclean tree or the tree resulting from an emerge -p <arguments> command.


To show a dependency graph of all installed packages run the command below and open a web browser to the indicated address.

user $pacvis
Start PacVis at http://localhost:8888/
use --browser to open a browser automatically.

pacvis can take emerge command line arguments to show a preview of what an emerge command would do. The command below will show a graph of all the packages that would be added or updated as a result of the equivalent emerge. In addition, it will show all packages that depend on the updated package.

user $pacvis --browser --update --changed-use --deep @world

To see what a complete system reinstall would look like, run:

user $pacvis --browser -e @world

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