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Any issues caused by entries here are not Gentoo bugs and should be removed before seeking help. Gentoo dependencies exist for good reason and the project cannot support deviation.

The /etc/portage/profile/package.provided file can contain a list of packages (one per line) that Portage should assume have been provided. This is useful for porting to non-Linux systems. It is essentially a list that replaces the emerge --inject syntax.

For example, to manage a copy of the 4.0 kernel, Portage can be told that sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-4.0.2 has been installed.

Portage will not attempt to update a package that is listed in /etc/portage/profile/package.provided file unless another package explicitly requires a version that is newer than what has been listed. Dependencies that are satisfied by package.provided entries may cause installed packages satisfying equivalent dependencies to be removed by emerge --depclean actions (see the ACTIONS section of the emerge man page for more information).


  • Comments begin with # (no inline comments).
  • One DEPEND atom per line.
  • Relational operators are not allowed.
  • Must include a version.
  • USE flags and slot dependencies are not yet supported (See bug #142941)


FILE /etc/portage/profile/package.providedpackage.provided example
# To take care of the kernel

# To install a special copy of QT

# To have modular X but packages want monolithic

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