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PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) is commonly used in establishing a direct connection between two networking nodes. It can provide connection authentication, transmission encryption, and compression.


USE flags for net-dialup/ppp Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

activefilter Enables active filter support
atm Enables ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) protocol support
dhcp Installs PPP DHCP client plugin for IP address allocation by a DHCP server (see http://www.netservers.co.uk/gpl/)
eap-tls Enables support for Extensible Authentication Protocol and Transport Level Security (see http://www.nikhef.nl/~janjust/ppp/index.html)
gtk Installs GTK+ password prompting program that can be used by passprompt.so PPP plugin for reading the password from a X11 input terminal
ipv6 Enables support for IP version 6
libressl Use dev-libs/libressl instead of dev-libs/openssl when applicable (see also the ssl useflag)
pam Add support for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)DANGEROUS to arbitrarily flip
radius Enables RADIUS support

Portage has a USE flag ppp for enabling support for PPP for other packages.

Enabling ppp USE flag will pull in net-dialup/ppp automatically
FILE /etc/portage/make.conf
USE="... ppp ..."

After setting global USE flags update your system to the changes take effect:

root #emerge --ask --changed-use --deep @world

Or emerge net-dialup/ppp package manually:

root #emerge --ask net-dialup/ppp


Following kernel options need to be enabled, to support PPPoE, which is used in most cases.

Using PPP compression is not suggested.
Device Drivers  --->
    [*] Network device support  --->
      <*>   PPP (point-to-point protocol) support
      < >     PPP BSD-Compress compression (NEW)
      < >     PPP Deflate compression (NEW)
      [ ]     PPP filtering (NEW)
      < >     PPP MPPE compression (encryption) (EXPERIMENTAL) (NEW)
      [ ]     PPP multilink support (EXPERIMENTAL) (NEW)
      <*>     PPP over Ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL)
      < >     PPP support for async serial ports (NEW)
      < >     PPP support for sync tty ports (NEW)
Optional PPP options
Option Driver Description
PPP BSD-Compress compression ppp_bsdcomp (Not recommended) Support for data compression. "PPP Deflate compression" is preferable.
PPP filtering - Support for packet filtering.
PPP MPPE compression (encryption) ppp_mppe Driver for Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption.
PPP multilink support - Support for PPP multilink to combine serveral lines.
PPP over Ethernet pppoe Driver for PPPoE.
PPP support for sync tty ports ppp_sync_tty Support for synchronous devices.

Finally you need to rebuild linux, install and boot new kernel with PPP support.


Provided eth0 following lines should be added for PPPoE connection:

FILE /etc/conf.d/netAdd:
link_ppp0="eth0" (Specify your ethernet interface)
mtu 9120 (Get the correct MTU (Jumbo frame) value from your eth0 Gigabit Ethernet card interface)
holdoff 3
child-timeout 60
lcp-echo-interval 15
lcp-echo-failure 3
noaccomp noccp nobsdcomp nodeflate nopcomp novj novjccomp"

Create an init script for the PPP device by symlinking to net.lo:

root #ln -s /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.ppp0
root #/etc/init.d/net.ppp0 start

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