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This wiki article has unofficial overlays and might have errors


This tutorial can have errors and contains packages that are not from the main Gentoo packages hence the title is User:Jeff132312342q4323/NordVPN and not NordVPN with that continue onwards with your own caution.

Also just cause it has a username does not mean you cannot edit it (please do fix the mistakes and add information for eselect-repository and etc.) but just that it is not an official package yet.

With that lets go

What is a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that enables you to have a secure connection between your device and the internet you are connected to. This is through a VPN / all your data is routed through an encrypted tunnel. This hides your true IP address when accessing the internet. Most VPNs are used by people for a plethora of reasons including but not limited to using restricted services in their country, privacy and etc.


NordVPN is a proprietary VPN provider. NordVPN operates in Panama as the country has no mandatory data retention laws. Furthermore, It does not participate in Fourteen Eyes or Five Eyes alliances. Checkout out the Wikipedia page for more detailed information. On Linux, it is a terminal / command-line-based tool.


NordVPN requires a paid account to access and use its VPN service. To make an account go to the NordVPN's Website.


To install NordVPN as it is not in the official Gentoo repository you must use/add the nordvpn overlay but if you would like an older version check out all the overlays on the Gentoo Portage Overlays website.

Adding the overlay


To start using layman first install it by doing

root #emerge -a layman

and then update the overlays existing on your Gentoo box by doing

root #layman -S

and then to install the nordvpn overlay type in

root #layman -a nordvpn
* Adding overlay...
* Overlay "nordvpn" is not official. Continue installing? [y/n]: y

and then it will display some text and add the overlay.

This unofficial overlay is here so any issues you face that others might also face it is best to make an issue here

as of 2022 jan this method does not work please use manual method


go to /var/db/repos

then go to /etc/portage/repos.conf

then make and edit nordvpn.conf

and add the following lines

FILE /etc/portage/repos.conf/nordvpn.confFileBox example
location = /var/db/repos/nordvpn

Install NordVPN

you can install the NordVPN package by using the following command

root #emerge -a net-vpn/nordvpn

and then type yes to install it

Masked Issue

If you have an issue that says it is masked you can do

root #emerge -a net-vpn/nordvpn --autounmask

then type yes and then do

root #dispatch-conf

and then type "u" when asked after which you type the previous command

root #emerge -a net-vpn/nordvpn --autounmask

and press yes to install NordVPN


You have to add the user to the nordvpn group which you can do by using this command (replace "username" to your username)

root #usermod -a -G nordvpn "username"

Starting and Enabling


you have to start the nordvpn service and enable it with the following commands

root #rc-service nordvpn start
root #rc-update add nordvpn default


you have to start the nordvpn service and enable it with the following commands

root #systemctl start nordvpnd.service
root #systemctl enable nordvpnd.service



type in

user $nordvpn login

and then type in your email and password


to connect to a random server type in

user $nordvpn connect


to use the NordLynx type in

user $nordvpn set technology nordlynx

Double Vpn

to use Double Vpn type in

user $nordvpn connect Double_VPN


to use obfuscate type in

user $nordvpn set obfuscate on


to use openvpn type this for openvpn

user $nordvpn set openvpn on


type in this for TCP (only for OpenVPN users)

user $nordvpn set protocol tcp


type in this for UDP (only for OpenVPN users)

user $nordvpn set protocol udp

See Also

External Resources

Known Issues

Currently, after some testing, OpenVPN protocol does not work yet. But good news NordLynx does so considering using it for the time being.