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There are currently three ways to get Netflix using Gentoo:

1. Using the Chromium web browser
Uses the newer HTML5 approach in an open source software browser.
2. Using the Google Chrome web browser
Uses the newer HTML5 approach, but at this time requires the use of this particular, binary-only browser.
3. Using Pipelight
A little more difficult to setup than the two choices above. Uses the Silverlight status quo. The advantage to this approach is that Silverlight is slightly more robust and versatile; viewing Netflix is not limited to one browser.

Using Chromium

See bug #547630.

Enable the widevine USE flag for www-client/chromium, as well as www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins in /etc/portage/package.use. This can be done in one shot using the following command:

root #echo -e 'www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins widevine\nwww-client/chromium widevine' >> /etc/portage/package.use

Next emerge the packages:

root #emerge www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins www-client/chromium

Start up Chromium and head to, Netflix should work flawlessly!

Using Google Chrome

Emerge Google Chrome:

root #emerge -atv google-chrome


In Netflix settings navigate to: Your AccountYour ProfilePlayback Settings, ensure that "Prefer HTML5 player instead of Silverlight" is checked (it should be by default; just verify).

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