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Amateur radio, known colloquially as ham radio, is the recreational use of radio as a social medium over frequencies specifically licensed for amateur (ham) use. The hobby embraces many technical aspects from unpowered crystal radio kits to digital and satellite communication.

The influence of ham radio on the information age is hard to overstate: early computer clubs, with home built kit computers were often appendages of a larger ham radio club in the 1970's. Later, home-based satellite television emerged from the tinkering of ham radio operators in the 1980's. Packet radio, pioneered among hams in the late 1970's and early 1980's directly lead to modern wireless networking and the digital mobile phone networks of the modern age. From the 1990's through to the present advances in voice and data compression have been made by radio amateurs further developing digital communication modes.

Ham Radio Software on Gentoo

Ham radio software runs the gamut from tools for programming radios, to contact logging software, to trainers for learning Morse Code, to tools for facilitating satellite communication and more!

Name Package Description
adifmerg media-radio/adifmerg A small conversion and check utility for ADIF files.
ax25-apps media-radio/ax25-apps Basic AX.25 (Amateur Radio) user tools, additional daemons.
ax25-tools media-radio/ax25-tools Basic AX.25 (Amateur Radio) administrative tools and daemons.
chirp media-radio/chirp A free, open-source tool for programming your radio.
cqrlog media-radio/cqrlog CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database.
cwdaemon media-radio/cwdaemon A morse daemon for the parallel or serial port.
direwolf media-radio/direwolf Decoded Information from Radio Emissions for Windows Or Linux Fans.
dxcc media-radio/dxcc A ham radio callsign DXCC lookup utility.
flamp media-radio/flamp Fldigi helper for transferring files.
fldigi media-radio/fldigi Sound card based multimode software modem for Amateur Radio use.
flmsg media-radio/flmsg Fldigi helper for creating radiograms.
flrig media-radio/flrig Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use.
fsync-mdc1200-decode media-radio/fsync-mdc1200-decode Linux Fleetsync / MDC1200 decoder.
gpredict media-radio/gpredict Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application.
grig media-radio/grig A tool for controlling amateur radios.
ibp media-radio/ibp Shows currently transmitting beacons of the International Beacon Project (IBP).
js8call media-radio/js8call Weak signal ham radio communication.
kochmorse media-radio/kochmorse Morse-code tutor using the Koch method.
qrq media-radio/qrq Yet another CW trainer for Linux/Unix.
qsstv media-radio/qsstv Amateur radio SSTV software.
svxlink media-radio/svxlink Multi Purpose Voice Services System, including Qtel for EchoLink.
tlf media-radio/tlf Console-mode amateur radio contest logger.
tqsl media-radio/tqsl ARRL Logbook of the World.
tucnak media-radio/tucnak Amateur Radio VHF Contest Logbook.
unixcw media-radio/unixcw Collection of programs that fit together to form a Morse code tutor program.
wsjtx media-radio/wsjtx Weak signal ham radio communication.
xastir media-radio/xastir X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting.
xdx media-radio/xdx a GTK+ TCP/IP DX-cluster and ON4KST chat client.
xlog media-radio/xlog An amateur radio logging program.
xwxapt media-radio/xwxapt GTK+ linux weather satellite APT image decoder software.

External resources

  • OpenHam.Wiki: an open repository of all things amateur radio.
  • SIGID Wiki: a repository of information to aid in signal identification.
  • Winlink: worldwide email over ham radio frequencies.