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Manage kernel configurations

This is your chance to be creative! Gentoo does not currently have anything to help users manage kernel configurations. This project can go into any direction you want, as long as it stays on topic. Examples of desired features are: managing custom kernel configs and future updates for one or multiple systems, multiple choosable trunks with stackable optional groups of settings, help ebuilds "depend" (optionally or not) on specific kernel settings or combinations of settings, plan for a sustainable way of providing optionable default configs to users, etc...

Contacts Required Skills Able to configure a custom kernel from scratch, Enough knowledge of various hardware to understand kernel options, Bash, Git, Your implementation language of choice (to be approved by mentor)

There may be more than one project on this topic, going into different directions or not. Proposals which cover most types of users (home user with one or a few boxes, sysadmin of a moderately sized network, etc...) will be favored. The finished result should be in the form of one or more command-line tools only, unless you can convince your mentor that some form of GUI can bring a significant value to your project.