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(Mark article as a stub if it is just starting off with little content.)

(These InfoBox sections are recommended if possible, but remove unavailable sections. No more than 10 sections can fit in an infobox however. This order of InfoBox sections can be used for consistency across the wiki. See [1] for all available section templates. Remember the "|header=true" parameter in the first section and use http only if https doesn't work.)

(Introductory paragraph goes here. Describe the concept/package/software/tool/utility/etc. here. Put the description sentence in this template: DESCRIPTION so it can be used on other pages. Make first mention of subject bold.)

Subject is what it is, what it does, etc. Further information.



(Optional section. Remove if not applicable to software being written about.)

KERNEL Enable support for <Software_title>
Write menuconfig instructions here.

USE flags

(Optional section. Remove if not applicable. Some software does not have any USE flags to set.)

Cannot load package information. Is the atom category/package correct?


root #emerge --ask category/package

Additional software

(Optional section. Explain software that can be paired or used with the main software package described in this article. This could be anything from a small plugin to a complete integration.)


(Explain how to configure the package/software/tool/utility/etc. in this section.)

Environment variables

  • VAR1
  • VAR2


  • /etc/global_file_example - Global (system wide) configuration file.
  • ~/.local_file_example - Local (per user) configuration file.


(Optional section. Provide instructions on starting/stopping and enabling/disabling the software's service. This is only really necessary if the software includes a daemon for certain tasks.)





(Explain how to _use_ the package/software/tool/utility/etc. in this section.)


(Optional section. Remove this section if not applicable.)

user $cmd --help

(Paste command help output here.)



(Optional section. Add subsections for each caveat. May be moved higher up in the article if contains important info for the later parts of the article.)


(Optional section. Add subsections for each tip.)


(Optional section. Add troubleshooting steps for common issues in this section. Separate issues by best describing the error with a new section name. Remove if no common troubleshooting issues are known by the author, another contributor may add it back in later.)

Issue 1

When X happens, Y is how to fix it.


(Explain how to properly remove the software. If this section needs more than an 'emerge -c' command each step should be explained in detail so that no trace of the software remains on the system.)


root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose category/package

See also

(Optional section. Link to related Gentoo Wiki articles using bullet points for each link in this section; each link should be local to the Wiki. -->

  • {{See also|Article_name}} (This should pull in the text from the tag in the referenced article. If there is no it is always good to add one.)

External resources

(Optional section. Link to external resources (outside the Wiki) using bullet points in this section. It is common to use full sentences that are links here.)


(Optional section. Remove this section if "[1]" references are not used. This section is used to cite factual information. This information is found outside the Gentoo Wiki and used to back up truth claims, the actual references themselves are littered throughout the main article using the "[2]" tags. Don't forget the {{reflist}} tag, which should be the only content of this section.)

  1. ref1
  2. ref2

(Category links are listed at the bottom of the article. They effectively end up in the last section of the article, whatever that may be. Do not use a section heading like "Categories". While all software articles could appear in Category:Software, use one of its subcategories whenever possible.)

(Please change the category and add others, as appropriate for the article. Remove the colon (":") in front of the word "Category".)