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The following is a semi-structured, rough software article blueprint users can copy and paste to create new 'Meta' articles. In general, it follows the Wiki guidelines (review if necessary). Be aware some information provided in the blueprint may not be needed; it is always easier to delete unneeded content than to type out new content.

After copy-pasting the blueprint, remember to remove the comments that are between the <!-- --> tags. Before copying, it is possible to demo this blueprint by going here.

Not every meta article will fit into the outline of this blueprint; it is simply a rough framework to assist in article creation, so be sure to modify as needed!

Suggestion for the article's Summary field: Initial creation of the <Software> meta article. Show it some love by improving it!

{{InfoBox stack
|{{InfoBox wikipedia|Wikipedia_page_title|header=true}}

<!-- Introductory paragraph goes here. Describe the concepts/package set/tools/utilities/etc. here. Put the description sentence in this template: [[Article description::DESCRIPTION]] so it can be used on other pages. -->

== Available software and articles ==

Here are some <category> packages available in Gentoo:

{| class="table table-condensed table-striped" style="width: auto;"
! Name
! scope="col" width="15%" | Package
! Homepage
! Description
| [[Utility1]] || {{Package|app-software/utility1}} || https://homepage/url/ || This is a short summary of the what the Utility1 does well, and perhaps what it does not do well. It is fine to mention what kind of user may be interested in this utility and when it should be used.
| [[Utility2]] || {{Package|app-software/utility2}} || https://homepage/url/ || id.

== Configuration ==

<!-- Explain how to switch between the different kinds of software/utilities/etc. in this section. See the [[Shell#Configuration|Shell]] article for an example. -->

== Troubleshooting ==

<!-- Optional section. Add troubleshooting steps for common issues in this section. Separate issues by best describing the error with a new section name. Remove if no common troubleshooting issues are known by the author, another contributor may add it back in later. -->

=== Issue 1 ===

When X happens, Y is how to fix it.

== See also ==

<!-- Optional section. Link to related Gentoo Wiki articles using bullet points for each link in this section; each link should be local to the Wiki. -->

* {{See also|Article_name}} <!-- This should pull in the text from the [[Article description:: ]] tag in the referenced article. If there is no [[Article description:: ]] it is always good to add one. -->

== External resources ==

<!-- Optional section. Link to external resources (outside the Wiki) using bullet points in this section. It is common to use full sentences that are links here. -->

* [https://_external_website_ Descriptive link name]== References ==

<!-- Optional section. Remove this section if "<ref> </ref>" references are not used. This section is used to cite factual information. This information is found outside the Gentoo Wiki and used to back up truth claims, the actual references themselves are littered throughout the main article using the "<ref> </ref>" tags. Don't forget the {{reflist}} tag, which should be the only content of this section. -->


<!-- Category links are listed at the bottom of the article. They effectively end up in the last section of the article, whatever that may be. Do ''not'' use a section heading like "Categories". While all software articles ''could'' appear in [[:Category:Software]], use one of its subcategories whenever possible. -->