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Gentoo Trustees Monthly Meeting Agenda

Time and Venue

Sunday 20 July 2014 19:00 UTC on #gentoo-trustees


Roll Call

Who is logging the meeting?

Old Business


1. Activity Tracker

2. Infra Funding (Infrastructure Liaison Officer)

Update bylaws ?
7. Infrastructure Liasion officer.
The infra liaison officer shall be responsible for the annual budget allocated to Gentoo infrastructure maintenance, as determined from time to time by the board.
The infra liaison officer shall have the authority incur costs and to pay invoices properly incurred for Gentoo infrastructure maintenance without further reference to the board, up to the annual budget value. Receipts for all costs incurred shall be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
The payment methods made available to the infrastructure liaison officer shall be determined by the board from time to time.
The infrastructure lead will generally hold this office but the board may appoint an infrastructure team member other than the lead.
Add to activity tracker that Novembers board meeting to determine amount for next year.

3. Trustee Election





  1. Financial | Legal Status
  2. Certified Public Accountant
  3. 501(c)(3) registration status


  1. Gentoo Trademark License Agreement


  • Open Trustee Bugs
  • Please review all of the Trustee bugs prior to the meeting. Email the trustees if a bug needs to be addressed for this meeting and it will be added to the agenda.

New Business

Funding Requests

Sponsorship Requests

Advertising Requests

Membership Applications

Gentoo Developers

Tom Gall (

Community Members


  • Date of Next Meeting - 17 Aug (AGM) 2014 19:00 UTC

Any other business


  1. Who will post the log? Minutes?
  2. Who will update the motions page?
  3. Who will send emails?

Open Floor

Meeting Dates

Month Day Year
Jul 20 2014
Aug AGM 17 2014

Meeting Conduct

The channel will be open (not moderated) during the meeting unless there is so much chatter it becomes impossible to make progress.

Attendees can help by keeping questions to the end of an agenda item or the end of the meeting - your point may be covered during the discussion anyway.

Do not expect to bring up items in Any Other Business and get an instant response. Calm considered well reasoned emails to trustees the trusteesor opening a bug are the best ways to bring up new ideas.

Foundation Charter

Gentoo Foundation Main Page

Record Keeping

The meeting irc logs will be recorded.

The meeting motions will be logged.

Members List