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FETCHCOMMAND is a variable that defines the command used for fetching package sources from the Internet. It can be set in the /etc/portage/make.conf configuration file.


The following placeholders can be used:

Placeholder Meaning Example Required
\${DISTDIR} Location of your local source file repository /var/cache/distfiles Yes
\${FILE} Destination file name example-1.0.tar.xz Yes
\${URI} Download URL https://example.com/download/example-1.0.tar.xz Yes
\${DIGESTS} Space separated list of file digests blake2b:<hexdigest> sha512:<hexdigest>

Speeding up downloads

fetchcommandwrapper combines download tool aria2 with variable GENTOO_MIRRORS to speed up distfile downloads of Portage by downloading from multiple mirrors at the same time.


root #emerge --ask app-portage/fetchcommandwrapper

Then add the following line to your /etc/portage/make.conf file:

FILE /etc/portage/make.conf
source /usr/share/fetchcommandwrapper/make.conf

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