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Date: 2012-09-05

Time: 1800 - 1937 UTC

Location: #gentoo-meetings on Freenode IRC

Note: Since several members were on holiday early August, it was decided not to hold a meeting then.

When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: hwoarang, kensington, pesa, yngwin
  • Absent announced: wired
  • Absent unannounced: abcd, johu

1. Qt5 progress

All praised pesa for his work on Qt5 ebuilds and eclass. Hwoarang requested a chart with interdependencies of Qt5 modules (Yes check.png Done pesa).

Open issues:

  • We are still missing ebuilds for:
  • qt-multimedia Yes check.png Done (pesa)
  • qt-webkit TODO (kensington)
  • .pc files are unversioned and will clash between qt:4 and qt:5
  • IN PROGRESS (pesa): start discussion on upstream ML about slotting/versioning
  • Slotted binaries need versioned names; preference was expressed to follow Debian's naming scheme of qmake-qt4 and the like
  • See above
  • TODO: eselect-qt, qt5-utils.eclass

2. qt4.eclass deprecation

3. qt4-r2.eclass updates

  • Translation handling: since l10n.eclass is now in portage, we will deprecate the old LANGS/LANGSLONG variables. TODO yngwin
  • We will provide backwards compat for a while, until we are sure all affected ebuilds have migrated.

4. Open bugs

  • bug #277711 dev-python/PyQt4 fails to build on systems with improved multilib support: not in a hurry, let's see how multilib progresses
  • bug #388207 [qt overlay] Allow building qt-webkit from standalone repo - TODO kensington, needed for qt5 anyway
  • bug #427782 x11-libs/qt-*- 4.8.2: doesn't respect CXXFLAGS - TODO pesa: ask upstream, but removing USE=optimized-qmake seems to make sense
  • bug #431748 [qt overlay] media-video/avidemux-2.6.0 bump Yes check.png Done by hwoarang
  • bug #428256 dev-libs/qjson-0.7.1-r1 problem with QStringList serialization - IN PROGRESS pesa: ask upstream to release, or package snapshot
  • bug #410911 net-im/psi-0.15_rc1 version bump - qt herd can take over maintainership- Yes check.png Done by hwoarang: Nikoli will maintain it
  • bug #326449 media-video/smplayer: local denial of service - Yes check.png Done by kensington: not an issue in 0.8.0 anymore (smplayer2 is still affected, but it is not our package)
  • bug #430308 dev-util/qt-creator-2.5.0: cannot find/use tool chain - Yes check.png Done by hwoarang: not reproducible on amd64. CC'd ppc{,64} teams to verify it

5. Open floor

  • We will start using our project space on for meeting agendas, summaries, and similar maintenance documents.
  • Qt 4.8.3 should be released soon (Yes check.png Done released and bumped)