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DNS Alias(es)
Servic(es) reserved by a3li for future www
CPU 3.40GHz Xeon E31270
Storage 2x 500GB SATA2 RAID1(md)
Owner LeaseWeb
Location Netherlands, Europe
DSA Key a1:84:5c:bf:f3:3d:54:64:50:fb:43:39:dd:5d:af:fa
RSA Key 20:e8:f7:f3:10:f9:6d:69:37:99:74:5e:ad:07:45:a2
ECDSA Key 8f:d4:45:16:1a:ac:77:7b:45:8c:51:8d:bd:ff:d0:26
Has IPv6 connectivity No
Is virtual machine No