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Gentoo Wiki:Meetings/2011-10-17

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Meeting Time



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1. mission statement

2. Relationship to
  • We need an official wiki, because most developers will not commit to As will not move, we have to do our own thing. This means duplicated effort.
  • Copy & Paste is not allowed, because of incompatible licenses.

3. Spam protection
  • No change. Existing spam protection are user registration and captchas on commit.
  • An email address is not required. That'd create quite an obstacle for very privacy-aware people.

4. Navigation
  • No agreement about project/herd portals. Too much work, no big benefits.
  • Agreed top-level categories:
    • core system
    • software
    • hardware
    • desktop
    • server and security
    • project and community

5. Internationalization
  • translate extension
    • Pro: quality control
    • Contra: Only english original contributions are possible.
    • Most participants are in favor over the extension.
    • There are strong opponents

6. Help pages
  • We will import the public domain MediaWiki User's guide.

7. Who can edit?
  • Everyone should be able to edit.
  • Exceptions are important pages:
    • main page
    • widely-used templates
    • pages having edit wars

8. Quality control
  • Flagged Revisions extension
    • Pro: Users see only the reviewed informations.
    • Contra: We need editors doing the review in time.
    • Contra: Authors might becomes frustrated.
    • Decision: Too early, maybe later.

9. Grand opening
  • Next sunday: 23.10.2011
    • We need an announcement.
    • Categories and help pages are need to be done.