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GNOME is a feature-rich desktop provided by the GNOME Project. It is one of the most widely-used desktops for Linux. It has been an important part of Gentoo for many years.

Because it is so rich, "emerge gnome" requires a long time to complete. It installs a large collection of applications.

See the GNOME Configuration HOWTO for more information on installing and using GNOME.


GNOME2 is a 2D desktop with 3D extensions.


GNOME 3 is considered by many to be a radical departure. It needs 3D graphics capability by default, but will run in a software rendering mode if the hardware does not support 3D.

Regional Format and Localization

The display format of Dates, Times, Number, Currency and Measurement Unit can be changed according to your region via System Settings -> Region & Language -> Formats.

You can only add (+ Button) and select the regions for which you have generated locales on your system. For more information on generating locales read this section on the Gentoo Localization Howto.

GUI user's guide

GNOME 3's GUI is a total upheaval for users of GNOME 2. Getting familiar with it, at leat for its basics, is a matter of minutes provided the user is directed to the right entry point. A rather good entry point to quickly get familiar with this new GUI is the GNOME Help page.

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