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Even though this page is in the user namespace, corrections and additions are much appreciated! This is simply wiki policy, this page can be moved to the main wiki as soon as it achieves critical mass more.

Some tips on editing and viewing the wiki.

Backup wiki input text while editing

On occasion, due to server, network, or browser issues, data loss of text being entered into the wiki can occur. There are browser extensions that allow saving forms automatically, that may help avoid issues like this. I use Form History Control (II), it can be set to allow saving of lots of large pages, but can get a bit slow with many huge articles, though it has always still worked for me.

Sometimes, in case of server or network error, it may be possible to recover information by waiting for the issue to pass, then clicking the refresh or back button. This is only a last ditch effort though, and may well not work.

Gentoo wiki dark mode

Dark Reader ( has worked very well for me on the Gentoo wiki site. I actually find it gives the site a really nice vibe :).

There is an issue though displaying the main site logo, currently. There is a bug filed about this: .

Edit wiki directly from a text editor

There are several plugins for vim and emacs to edit the wiki pages directly in an editor. I haven't tried any of these out yet, they may be outdated, I'll update when I get around to giving them a go. In no particular order:

There may be more.

There used to be at least one project that allowed mounting a mediawiki wiki as a filesystem, to edit files: fuse-mediawiki. That and any other projects that did that seem long defunct now. This can perhaps also be achieved with webdav, but I don't think this is currently supported by the installation.

See also
There are many methods to use text editors with mediawiki:

See also