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Name Nathan Koch
Nickname NateDoge
PGP fingerprint
2CC8 6F17 5543 75E5 EDB9 CC16 682C 2273 449E 1C9E

Gentoo user since 2021-02-06
user $fortune zippy
Contact info
NateDoge (IRC)

Gentoo Blog

February 11th / 2021

Wrote a quick tutorial about how to install shairport-sync on Gentoo.

February 11th / 2021

Created a quick page about my trials and tribulations with Gentoo and what I learned along the way. User:Anathonous/UnderstandingGentoo I will update it as I learn.

February 10th / 2021

Apparently it can be done with the SubPageList3 extension. Which would make User: Wiki page blogging a little more viable as to the alternative of doing it using the editor. Something to look into. Doing it this way works for now.

February 9th / 2021

Doing a quick blog post. Going to test if I can get /2021/02/01 pages to show inline on /Blog