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This is a research paper of getting Gentoo on ipad 2

Hardware info

  • iPad 2 64-bin, without the ability to run simcards
  • Model A1395
  • CPU?
  • RAM?
  • GPU?

Course of action

Plan A: Break it open, reprogram chipsets

Too complicated to perform

Lack tools to reprogram chipset

Plan B: Fork/Hack libimobiledevice

Is able to flash iOS images on linux -> Should be able to be define Gentoo as .ipa image?

Plan C: Iphodroid

Was used to get android on iphone, probably not working atm

Plan 999: Disasseble it into a milion pieces and make it into a RasPad or alike



iPad is free!!! it's Freee!!!

Get Linux kernel to work on iPad

Linux should already have needed kernel configuration -> if not there should be fork of linux kernel that has it -> if not make it yourself

Get Gentoos packages to work on iPad

Arch is not supported (?) -> contrib arch compatibility for needed packages assuming that they are able to run it -> make a licence so that APPL woudn't be able to use it without making you rich person