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Chromium and Chromium-Tooling related packaging notes

This section contains notes on Chromium and related packages.

Comments in ebuilds take precedence over notes in a wiki - if a comment is wrong fix it!

Bumping `dev-util/gn`

Chromium relies on an ever-updating bundled copy of dev-util/gn. Gentoo packages this separately to enable better cross-compilation (and to share the dependency between packages).

This means that without regular updates to the gn ebuild eventually we will see breakage (seebug #914370 for an example).

As a matter of typical Chromium ebuild maintenance we should bump the gn ebuild (and version requirement in every time a new 0/beta keyword is added - that should provide sufficient time for it to be stablised on the arches that we care about before the chromium release hits stable.

To generate a new gn release tarball:

user $cd gn
user $git describe HEAD --abbrev=12 # The version number is derived from this
user $git config --global tar.tar.xz.command "xz -T0 -9 -c"
user $git archive --format=tar.xz -o /tmp/gn-${PV}.tar.xz --prefix=gn-${PV}/ main
FILE /data/development/chromium-utils/

commit=$(git describe --tags)
[[ $commit =~ $pattern ]]

git archive --format=tar.xz --prefix=gn-0.${count}/ -o /tmp/gn-0.${count}.tar.xz HEAD

Bumping `www-client/google-chrome` or `www-client/microsoft-edge`

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are binary packages which are updated frequently. Anyone can submit a PR to update the existing ebuilds and the process is (mostly) automated.

All of the automation is found within the chromium-tools repository. The chrome-bump and edge-bump scripts will automatically update the ebuilds and manifest files, and create a commit. If /var/db/repos/gentoo is not a full copy with git history, update the scripts to point to a repository that is - Portage needs to know about the repository (i.e. it needs to be in repos.conf - ensure that profiles/repo_name lines up with what Portage expects!). The Gentoo Mirror on Github is ideal as the resulting commits can be directly PR'd.

Ensure that you use the same python impl as Portage or the scripts will fail to import portage components.
user $cd chromium-tools
user $./chrome-bump
user $./edge-bump