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It is strongly recommended to understand the C language in order to use this library.

About this guide

Getting started


root #emerge --ask sys-apps/man-pages
root #emerge --ask sys-apps/man-pages-posix
root #emerge --ask app-doc/single-unix-specification


Select the timezone for the system. It can be done by setting the TZ environment variable in the /etc/env.d/00musl file.

Suppose the timezone of choice is Europe/Paris:

root #echo TZ="NFT-1DST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0" >> /etc/env.d/00musl

In the previous example, the value of TZ is defined by the POSIX timezone specification. Eventually, this value may be specified in a another form but it requires the installation of the sys-libs/timezone-data package (cf. Handbook).

The POSIX timezone