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I started using Gentoo without much knowledge. In fact, I would have never succeed without reading some books. I am mostly interested by the meta-distribution concept. In my mind, the experienced users (Gentoo) share few formal knowledge. I dislike the Gentoo forum staff and the centralized, opaque and selective development.

I'm going to withdraw from Gentoo, because I am tired of Gentoo. Frankly, people on the Gentoo websites are convinced that Gentoo is ideal but the average level is high, the documentation is sparse and incomplete and there is a big gap between users (ages, skills, user experiences, interactions, hopes...: "Gentoo is not for everyone OR Gentoo is for few people?").

  • User Interface: cryptic interface, glue code ebuilds, "open/obscure" package manager
  • Documentation: partial, incomplete, outdated, despite the efforts of a few people
  • Administration: repetitive tasks, complex development environment (learning, customization), build time...

A command interpreter (a Unix shell) is not tailored to create Ebuilds API. Nowadays, Ebuilds form a bad design scheme (believe me).