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Use this template to create an internal link. The template rewrites the link to link to the same language subpage of the target page as the language subpage of the source page, if existing. Else fallback to the English version.


On translated pages you have the following problem with internal links. E.g. you want to link the article "Foo" and the translation of "Foo" doesn't exists right now. You can:

  • link the English page of "Foo".
Pro: You link to an available guide.
Contra: Later, when "Foo" gets translated, you're guiding the reader to an English page. There he has to select his language again. To save the reader from this hassle, you have to change all links to "Foo" in all translated pages.
  • link the translated page of "Foo" (right now not existing).
Pro: Later, when "Foo" gets translated, you're guiding the reader to the translated page.
Contra: Until "Foo" gets translated, you're pointing to an non-existing page. The readers has to get active, to even get to the English page.

This template solves this problem.

One negative side-effect of trying to use this is that all links that do not exist appear in Special:WantedPages even if that page has yet to be prepared for translation.


Add this code to the page text


Simulation a German (de) origin page
{{User:Astaecker/Link|Main Page|lang=de}}

For a different link text
{{User:Astaecker/Link|Kernel|Linux Kernel}}

Linux Kernel