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Language support

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Language Does it work? Working versions "Just works?" ™ If installable by a normal emerge && If emerge can use the toolchain Working compilers Notes
C/C++ Yes All Yes GCC, clang ICE's (Internal Compiler Errors) are fairly common on sparc. Try toning down your -mcpu.</br>lld only has basic functionality on sparc.
Rust Yes All Yes rustc dev-lang/rust None
Fortran Yes Did very little testing All Yes gfortran sys-devel/gcc[fortran] None
Java Yes JIT only on some Sparc support was officially dropped in JDK15. If you want JIT support, use version < 15. OpenJDK of any version will work however: but at 10-30% of the performance of one with a JIT. No Not yet but eta son (tm) openjdk None
Go Code can be very buggy Will always likely be behind gc TODO Partial Have to manually set the go -> go-12 symlink gccgo sys-devel/gcc[go]:12 The gc compiler (dev-lang/go) does not support sparc, and never will. GCC-12 or higher must be used to build go.
Nim worked for my light testing unknown Yes nim None
Zig Kinda, but not yet unknown TODO So far zig TODO