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The information in this article has been deprecated. It may or may not be relevant for contemporary usage. Handle with care!

Historical notes on switching from default/linux/amd64/17.0 to default/linux/amd64/17.1, following the guide.

Circular references

Some packages wouldn't rebuild during step 11 of the news item — namely, x11-libs/libva and media-libs/harfbuzz due to circular deps between those and x11-libs/mesa and media-libs/freetype respectively.

The solution is to temporarily break the cycle, as if installing them for the first time:

root #USE="-opengl" emerge -1 x11-libs/libva
root #USE="-harfbuzz" emerge -1 media-libs/fontconfig
root #emerge -1v --deep /lib32 /usr/lib32 /usr/lib/llvm/*/lib32 # resume step 11 here

Wine build failures

Also happened during step 11, possibly for similar reasons. Since nothing uses Wine as a build dependency and it needs to be reinstalled either way, I just uninstalled wine-related packages and reinstalled after everything else was done:

root #emerge --rage-clean wine-any wine-vanilla wine-mono faudio gallium-nine-standalone

Broken symlinks created by eselect modules

After upgrading, I had a few broken postgresql symlinks. Users on the forums have reported problems with libGL (created by eselect opengl), and there may be more cases.

Installing app-misc/symlinks is helpful here. Run it to find broken symlinks within /usr:

user $symlinks -r /usr | grep -Fv absolute

Running eselect to set the same version as currently active should repair any problems found.