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About the Gentoo Linux installation
This chapter introduces the installation approach documented in this handbook.
Choosing the right installation medium
It is possible to install Gentoo in many ways. This chapter explains how to install Gentoo using the minimal Installation CD.
Configuring the network
To be able to download the latest source code, networking will need to be configured.
Preparing the disks
Before Gentoo can be installed, the necessary partitions must be created. This chapter describes how to partition a disk.
Installing the Gentoo installation files
The basic Gentoo system is downloaded as a stage3 archive. This chapter explains how to download and extract the archive, and also how to configure Portage, Gentoo's package management program.
Installing the Gentoo base system
After installing and configuring the stage3, the base system is set up so that a minimal environment is available.
Configuring the Linux kernel
The Linux kernel is the core of every distribution. This chapter explains how to configure the kernel.
Configuring the system
Some important configuration files must be created. This chapter provides an overview of these files and explains how to tailor the configuration.
Installing system tools
In this chapter some important tools are selected and installed.
Configuring the bootloader
In this chapter the right bootloader is installed and configured.
Finalizing the installation
The installation is now almost done. The last finishing touches are documented in this chapter.