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user $euse --help
euse (0.5.1-r1)
Syntax: euse <option> [suboptions] [useflaglist]
Options: -h, --help           - show this message
         -V, --version        - show version information
         -i, --info           - show descriptions for the given useflags
         -I, --info-installed - show descriptions for the given useflags and
                                their current impact on the installed system
         -g, --global         - show only global use flags (suboption)
         -l, --local          - show only local use flags (suboption)
         -a, --active         - show currently active useflags and their origin
         -E, --enable         - enable the given useflags
         -D, --disable        - disable the given useflags
         -R, --remove         - remove all references to the given flags from
                                make.conf and package.use to revert to default
         -P, --prune          - alias for --remove
         -p, --package        - used with -E, -D, and -R to apply to a
                                specific package only
Notes: euse currently works for global flags defined
       in make.globals, make.defaults, make.conf, use.force, and use.mask
       and local flags defined in package.use and individual package ebuilds.
       It might have issues with cascaded profiles. If multiple options are
       specified only the last one will be used.