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Translator account request (Spanish)

Summary by Maffblaster

Translations enabled.

G3rs0n (Talkcontribs)

Hi Gentoo Community, I want to contribute to this part of Gentoo. I have using this OS since 2015 and collaborate as a translator could help to learn even more. I can translate for English and Spanish.

Best Regards

Maffblaster (Talkcontribs)

Hi G3rs0n ,

Welcome to the translation team. Thank you for your interest in helping make Gentoo documentation more accessible for all!

We have some guidelines that we expect you will follow as you translate articles. Please review them in order here and over here.

Visit #gentoo-wiki on Freenode if you want to chat with translators of various languages or wiki admins.

Kind regards, Matthew Marchese (maffblaster)