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News Item: July 28, 2017: Word crimes

Summary by Maffblaster

The message titled "Word crimes" is satire. We try to keep things fun.

Lanodan (Talkcontribs)

Seriously, a crime?

We have talks, conferences and whatever on how tech is marginalising people, and BAM this video on the homepage.

Let me summarise the first minutes of the minutes of the video (could not watch more than that without being seriously angry) from my point of view.

> Your grammar sucks, people are making fun of you (and it’s excepted), got eat a dictionary your retard

But actually the message could be more phrased like:

> Hey, if you see mistakes (everyone does make some) like grammar or spelling errors, please edit the page.

And maybe something like "Common Mistakes" link(s), not something that is:

  • non-reusable (it’s not text, it’s a video, you can’t search in it and it’s terribly not accessible)
  • terribly offending

Also, I have dyslexia amongs other things, English is not my native language like most people in the gentoo community. But it doesn’t mean I can’t choose my words and not be rude.


It’s completely disproductive by being rude, non-useable and maybe even other things.

PS: "Preview the result" is broken

Maffblaster (Talkcontribs)

Hi Lanodan,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits.

The message titled "Word crimes" is satire. It is supposed to be not taken seriously because of it's satirical nature. Perhaps if it was written on April 1st it would have been more timely. It is all right to lighten up and have a little fun around the Gentoo webspace (in fact we've been doing it for years).

Laughter is good medicine for the soul.