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Summary by Maffblaster

No, we don't plan on hosting man pages since does a nice job and we have templates available to link to there.

Charles17 (talkcontribs)

Inspired by and the InfoBox manpage template, would it be possible to have Gentoo itself provide packages' manpages? Could be useful for the InfoBox manpage template and also maybe as an additional "Resources" item in

Maffblaster (talkcontribs)

Charles17 , A while back I started a couple templates to make man page links in the InfoBox sections of articles and in-line in paragraphs. Since most man pages are already hosted elsewhere on the web, specifically on which is distribution agnostic. Please see {{InfoBox manpage}} and {{Manpage}}. If you would like to add more links to man pages in articles using those templates I created, then by all means go for it.

Gentoo does not plan on using man pages on their infra since we'd only be duplicating's efforts.