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The function of the Tinderbox guest daemon is to fetch the first package to build from the build list and then build the package.


We copy some of the portage files and patch them. First, we patch so we can pass build_dict and session so it can be used later on in the calculating dependencies process. We make a wrapper for the function backtrack_depgraph in the code so we can add USE flags or make the needed changes. The scheduler is patched so we can pass package, trees and settings to the log function add_buildlog_main. Emerge --info is patched so we can get a list from instead of displaying to the screen. We copy the main from Repoman and set it up so we can use it and get the output. The last thing to patch is so we can get unresolvable from action_depclean.

Main loop

First read the config file and set up the connection to the db. Then it looks at the job list to see if we have any work to do for example update configs. When that is done, it checks the profile for errors. Next we check if the host needs to do any work that affects the guest like update the gentoo tree or database. Finally, we check the build list for building packages.

Build job

We look in the database for the next package to build with the Waiting status. This is done in the get_packages_to_build method. Then we configure settings and portdb so we can call make_build_list to get needed use flags changes and check manifest for errors. If all is okay, we call build_process. In that function we add any use changes we need to package.use. Next we unmerge the package if it exists already. Then set up args and call emerge_main. When we call the dependencies process it use our wrapper of the function build_mydepgraph. In build_mydepgraph we call backtrack_depgraph multiple times depend on the success of the first time when we check if we need to do anything with the deps. When the package build completes successfully or fails, we call our log function add_buildlog_main. When emerge is done check if we need to run depclean. Clean the package.* files and return to the main loop.

Build log

We read the config file and set up the connection to the db. If the pkg type is binary we don't log it else we try to get the package info from the db. We call get_buildlog_info to search the log and run repoman on the package. In the search_buildlog, we load the search regex from the db which is anything that re.search supports and is run line by line against the file. When finish we search for any QA or repoman error. Next, we hash the summary so we don't repost the same log. Lastly, get emerge --info and save everything to the DB.

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