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This page is a template. It contains some standardized, often used text, which can be transcluded inside other pages.

As this template is widely used in our wiki, it may be protected in which case only staff members can change it. Use the discussion page to propose enhancements or fixes, or to voice your opinion.

This template prevents line breaks from occurring in the middle of the spcified text. It is particularly useful in tables where excessive line wrapping may make it harder to process the information. However, care must be taken to avoid overly long lines that would cause users to have to scroll the page horizontally.


Parameter name Required? Default value Description
Anonymous parameter 1 Yes (n/a) Text to display without line breaks.

Keep in mind that equal signs (=) and vertical bars (|) must be "escaped" in the text passed to the template (see testcases below).



See the template's testcases:


One anonymous parameter
Wiki code
{{Nowrap|We like to stick together.}}
Main version
We like to stick together.
Sandbox version

One anonymous parameter containing problematic characters
Wiki code
{{Nowrap|emerge -uDNvp --with-bdeps{{=}}y @world {{!}} sort}}
Main version
emerge -uDNvp --with-bdeps=y @world | sort
Sandbox version


No parameter (no error, but useless)
Wiki code
Main version
Sandbox version