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Description The Python project maintains dev-lang/python and most of dev-python/.
IRC Channel #gentoo-python
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Subprojects (none)
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For developers


Adding packages

Anyone may add python packages to the tree. However, there are a couple of requirements if you want the python project team to maintain them.

The package must be a dependency of an existing package maintained by the python team in the tree.


The package is a python library with a significant level of demand from developers or users.

In either case, please ping a member of the python team before adding <herd>python</herd> to metadata.xml.

Stabilizing packages

Stable request bugs may be created if the package already has stable keywords, or upon request.

Please do not stabilize packages with no stable keywords without some reason for doing so. Stabilizing packages increases the workload on both the python team and arch teams, and this should be weighed against the value of having an ebuild with stable keywords.