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Description Project Sunrise is a starting point for gentoo users to contribute. The team members encourage users to write ebuilds and make sure that they follow Gentoo QA standards.
IRC channel #gentoo-sunrise
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Parent Project Gentoo Linux
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The Sunrise project has been discontinued. For contributing to Gentoo, please see the Proxy Maintainers project.

Project Sunrise offers an overlay made by Gentoo users and developers. The scope is ebuilds not in the Portage tree. Sunrise's goal is to make these ebuilds easily available and allow non-developers to maintain them. The overlay's ebuilds must meet a certain QA level; each commit is reviewed by Sunrise devs before becoming available to users through layman.

Nevertheless the overlay ebuilds are mainly from users, thus being unsupported and experimental

If you have any questions, please look them up in the FAQ or ask us to add them.

To get involved, carefully follow the instructions in how to commit guide and see the ebuild writing tips in coding standards.

If you are interested in proxy maintaining an ebuild, see the proxy maintainer guide.

Using the overlay

You can easily use the Sunrise overlay using layman.

user $emerge -va git layman
user $layman -f -a sunrise
user $echo "source /var/lib/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/portage/make.conf

You can then regularly update to the latest reviewed revision:

user $layman -s sunrise