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OpenBSD Project
Description A Gentoo system based on OpenBSD.
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project BSD Project
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Gentoo/OpenBSD (or Gentoo/OBSD, or G/OBSD) is an effort to create a complete OpenBSD-based Gentoo system, sharing the complete administration facilities of Gentoo with the reliability of the OpenBSD kernel and userland.

Official Gentoo/OpenBSD logo can be found here.

We offer a stage3 for Gentoo/OpenBSD, so installation is possible without the need for a regular OpenBSD installation. To install Gentoo/OpenBSD follow the install guide.


This project is still in its infancy. If you are interested in working on it, please send an email to


Resources offered by the OBSD project include:

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