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LXDE Project
Description The LXDE project manages ebuilds in Gentoo for LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, and handles related issues.
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Lead(s) none
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Parent Project Gentoo
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The goals of the LXDE project are to provide users the needed packages to install LXDE on their Gentoo system, to handle their bugs and other requests, to keep up-to-date with LXDE upstream development, and to support LXDE and related packages in Gentoo in order to give users the best possible desktop experience. The project also strives to write and maintain 'live' ebuilds in an official LXDE overlay.


We are currently developing documentation in the form of a LXDE wiki page. If you have any corrections or additions please make them!


Users are encouraged to get in touch and to help out with developing, maintaining and supporting LXDE and related packages in Gentoo.


We would like to thank the following authors and editors for their contributions to this guide:

  • Ben de Groot
  • Markos Chandras