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Documentation Project
Description The Gentoo Documentation Project (GDP) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all general Gentoo documentation.
IRC Channel #gentoo-doc
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Project listing

The Gentoo Documentation Project was formed to address the need of complete documentation for Gentoo. In doing so, the GDP team is committed to the creation and maintenance of clear, concise, and original documentation. We will protect our users and developers by the use of free and open licensing on all documentation. The GDP is committed to remaining a free and open project, and will abide by the Social Contract set forth by the Gentoo Project.


Resources offered by the Documentation project are:

Gentoo documentation overview
Overview of the documentation on the wiki, not necessarily written by the documentation team.
Gentoo documentation policy
General documentation development policy for Gentoo.
Gentoo Handbook development
Information for wiki editors and translators regarding the Gentoo handbook development.


The following documents are no longer necessary/applicable, but are kept around for future reference.

Handbook release guide
Steps used to create a new handbook for Gentoo releases.
Tips and tricks for documentation development
Overview of various documentation development tips and tricks (for GuideXML development).
GuideXML Guide
Gentoo GuideXML syntax tutorial.
How to install Gorg
Gorg, or, is a Ruby script used to render GuideXML as HTML. This document explains how to install it locally.
Future roadmap of the documentation project


Mailing list

The Gentoo Documentation Project makes intensive use of the mailing list. On this mailing list discussions about documentation, subprojects, translations, and more pass by.

To subscribe to this mailing list, send an empty e-mail to Once subscribed you can post to it by sending an e-mail to

To unsubscribe from the list, send an empty e-mail to

There is also an online archive on


To participate in the Gentoo Documentation Project first join the mailing list at Then ask if there are plans to support something that you are interested in, propose a new subproject that you are interested in, or choose one of the planned subprojects to work on. You may talk to the developers and users in the #gentoo-doc IRC channel on for more information or just to chat about the project or any subprojects. If you don't have the ability to actively help by contributing work we will always need editors to maintain the quality and accuracy of the overall product. All development, editing, and productive comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.