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Someone handed you an ebuild, and you don't know what to do with it? Fear not, for here be instructions!

Creating a local overlay

You can create a local overlay with a few easy steps.

root # mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/{metadata,profiles}
root # echo 'NameOfYourOverlay' > /usr/local/portage/profiles/repo_name
root # echo 'masters = gentoo' > /usr/local/portage/metadata/layout.conf
root # chown -R portage:portage /usr/local/portage

Next, tell portage about the overlay.

root #echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage ${PORTDIR_OVERLAY}"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf

Adding an ebuild to the overlay

Now that the basic layout is in order, you can add an ebuild to the overlay. In this example, app-dicts/artha-1.0.2 (available at [1]). We will assume the ebuild is in the homedir of the user myuser, and named artha-1.0.2.ebuild.

root # mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/app-dicts/artha
root # cp ~myuser/artha-1.0.2.ebuild /usr/local/portage/app-dicts/artha/artha-1.0.2.ebuild
root # chown -R portage:portage /usr/local/portage
root # pushd /usr/local/portage/app-dicts/artha
root # repoman manifest
root # popd

You should now be able to install the package from your overlay with emerge.

root #emerge -av1 app-dicts/artha