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Miscellaneous non-free licenses that don’t belong to any license group, but that have been discussed before.

License Comment Discussed when/where (link)?
all-rights-reserved bug #444424
AOL Usage restrictions [1] Feb. 2010
arj Restricts the way the package may be used: not allowed to create competing product. Feb./Nov. 2011
as-is Similar to HPND, but has been abused too often. Therefore removed in May 2014. Sep. 2012
CC-BY-ND-2.5 CC-BY-ND-3.0 Doesn’t grant the right to do modifications. Jan. 2010 [2]
FFSL Non-commercial clause in conflict with freedoms 0 and 2. June 2011
fmdrv Distribution of unmodified versions not allowed, in conflict with freedom 2. bug #453184
freedist Not a real license, but only states that the package can be freely distributed. Feb./Nov. 2011
lha Restrictions on distribution. Doesn’t grant the right to do modifications. Feb./Nov. 2011
mapm bug #452600
mpg123-el Requires contacting the original author before distributing modified versions, i.e. fails the “desert island” test. Sep. 2012
nauty No sale for profit, usage restrictions. Oct. 2010 [3]
newrelic bug #441936
SILK-patent-license bug #416205
sun-iiop bug #455530
sword-sparvg2004 bug #445302
truecrypt-3.0 Non-free [4] Apr. 2011 [5]
tsm bug #444412 bug #445808
XEphem bug #436630
zchaff “Distribution is strictly prohibited.” bug #418455

Licenses that the FSF classifies as non-free [6].

License FSF Comment
Aladdin Aladdin Free Public License
Artistic Artistic License 1.0 OSI-approved!
CPOL Code Project Open License, version 1.02
lha License of Lha
PICO License of PINE
PLAN9 Old Plan 9 license
scilab Scilab license
SOPLA-2.3 SystemC “Open Source” License, Version 3.0 different version
sun-csl Sun Community Source License