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This is a reference page for information swappers. Use the sandbox to experiment with editing rewritten pages.

Because of incompatible licenses copying and pasting of articles from to the official Gentoo wiki is not allowed unless all authors of the source article relicense their contributions.
Read the linked template documentation for features and usage.
Templates to format code
{{File}} {{FileBox}}
{{Code}} {{CodeBox}}
{{Kernel}} {{KernelBox}}
{{Command}} {{Cmd}}
{{Root}} {{RootCmd}}
- {{Emerge}}
Templates to emphasize important messages
{{Warning}} {{Warning}}
- {{Important}}
{{Note}} {{Note}}
Templates for inline usage
{{Bug}} {{Bug}}
{{Codeline}} Use italic text: ''codeline''
{{Key}} {{Key}}
{{Package}} {{Package}}
{{Path}} {{Path}}
Templates for article maintenance
{{UnderDevelopment}} {{WIP}}
{{Stub}} {{Stub}}
{{Outdated}} {{Dated}}
{{Wikify}} {{InfoBox wikify}}
{{Todo}} {{InfoBox todo}}
{{Delete}} {{Delete}}
Templates for infoboxes
{{Official}} {{InfoBox gdoc}}
{{Wikipedia}} {{InfoBox wikipedia}}
Templates for user pages
{{BoxUser}} {{InfoBox user}}
Templates for templates
{{TemplateDoc}} {{Documentation}}
Templates for USE flags
{{USEFlag}} {{USEflag}}

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