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This help page is for swappers. Use the sandbox to experiment with editing.

Because of incompatible licenses "Copy & Paste" of articles from to here is not allowed, if not all authors of an article relicense their contributions.
Read the linked template documentation for features and usage.
Templates to format code
{{File}} {{FileBox}}
{{Code}} {{CodeBox}}
{{Kernel}} {{KernelBox}}
{{Command}} {{Cmd}}
{{Root}} {{RootCmd}}
- {{Emerge}}
Templates to emphasize important messages
{{Warning}} {{Warning}}
- {{Important}}
{{Note}} {{Note}}
Templates for inline usage
{{Bug}} {{Bug}}
{{Codeline}} Use italic text: ''codeline''
{{Key}} {{Key}}
{{Package}} {{Package}}
{{Path}} {{Path}}
Templates for article maintenance
{{UnderDevelopment}} {{WIP}}
{{Stub}} {{Stub}}
{{Outdated}} {{Dated}}
{{Wikify}} {{InfoBox wikify}}
{{Todo}} {{InfoBox todo}}
{{Delete}} {{Delete}}
Templates for infoboxes
{{Official}} {{InfoBox gdoc}}
{{Wikipedia}} {{InfoBox wikipedia}}
Templates for user pages
{{BoxUser}} {{InfoBox user}}
Templates for templates
{{TemplateDoc}} {{Documentation}}
Templates for USE flags
{{USEFlag}} {{USEflag}}