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Not Complete Yet Please Ignore for your Own Sake!

     Hello I am making this page for those of you, who like me have trouble with keeping long wiki pages straight in there heads.  That being said, this page should only be used as a reference and I highly advise you to read thru the Gentoo Wiki, the System Rescue CD wiki, and the rEFInd Bootmanager Wiki before using this guide, because my knowledge relies heavily on all three and without them I would not of gotten thru any of the installation process.  
     Okay before I get started here I would briefly like to describe how I plan to lay out this page, because I do not think top down, I think bottom up, so from this point on please start to think of each my individual words as Multidimensional Arrays or Objects.  Because if you learn from reading "extremely" long paragraphs, this is the wrong place for you. Now let's get started!!

Only for Amd64 at the moment. Also please let me know about anything I have wrong so I can fix it thank you.

Helpful Links

                                       Semi Visual Interpretation of Setup
                                              Bios Users   |   UEFI Users