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IconClipboardTask.png This article has some todo items:

This is a list of things that are potentially blocking the stabilization of GNOME 3

Please do not add items here if you aren't a Gentoo GNOME team member. However please do add items you believe to be missing from here in the section dedicated for that in the end. We will consider these items while deciding if and when we stabilize GNOME 3. This is an ongoing process, and in all likelyhood any stabilization will wait for 3.4 due to the combination of shortage of manpower and 3.4 release being quite near already which fixes various issues found in 3.2 (many of which are also currently still listed here).


  • a11y support is incomplete (TODO: add list of things missing)
  • Even GDM-3 (with gnome-shell) isn't accessible
  • No proper replacement for the concept of the "Desktop" (Finding & Reminding)
  • Printing doesn't support network printers properly (buggy/incomplete)
  • Regression over: system-config-printer-gnome
  • Rhythmbox is still somewhat unstable (at least it plays music now though…)
  • Regression over: rhythmbox-0.13, etc
  • Totem video playback is too CPU-intensive on ATI (stabilize totem-3.0?)
  • Regression over: anything using xv for video output
  • gnome-games is useless. Upstream needs to stop rewriting games from scratch every 3 months. (don't stabilize it?)
  • seed is a dead project, all JS games are now being rewritten (AGAIN) in Vala.
  • Regression over: older gnome-games
  • dconf-editor needs to improve a lot (widgets keep resizing randomly, making it unusable)
  • Regression over: gconf-editor
  • GTK+3 is still buggy in many areas (eg: input)
  • Regression over: GTK+2
  • pygobject is still a buggy PoS (introspection)
  • Regression over: traditional python bindings
  • gstreamer-properties (from gnome-media) should set both gconf and gsettings keys
  • gconfaudiosink -> gsettingsaudiosink/autoaudiosink
  • sound-juicer has no maintainer, and no 3.0 release


  • We still don't know how to make gnome-online-accounts work for anything except Google
  • Flickr integration in backgrounds capplet doesn't work
  • Facebook integration exists, but no API key
  • Empathy's history window makes too many dbus calls, sends too much data over dbus, and becomes unusably slow
  • Empathy 3.2 sucks, 3.4 is much better much worse
  • Epiphany 3.4 is better than 3.2, but randomly crashes a lot
  • webkit-gtk-1.8 is kind of crap right now, ask plaes for details
  • GNOME 3.4 is very visually inconsistent

Items submitted for consideration by the community

Please add your items here that are missing above for consideration:


  • seahorse-plugins is depreciated
  • nautilus integration is provided by seahorse-nautilus (in gnome-overlay)
  • there is no replacement for the gedit-plugin
  • evolution tends to be less stable than with Gnome 2 and editing plain text replies to e-mails doesn't work very well
  • telepathy-idle (irc backend for empathy) tends to eat 100% of processor time after disconnection (not tested on gentoo, not 100% reproducability)
  • gnome-shell 3.6 freezes occasionaly, can be fixed by killing and restarting from a virtual console but then networking applet often doesn't connect to networks with authentication (VPNs, etc)
  • bluez 5 is not fully supported by NetworkManager
  • ...


  • ...