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This GLEP is no longer maintained in the Gentoo Wiki and remains here only as a historical record. Please visit for the current version of this GLEP.
GLEP 28: "Expiration" of inactive GLEPs
Type Informational
Status Final
Author Grant Goodyear <>
Replaced by (none)
Post History


This GLEP was approved on 14-Jun-2004 and marked as final on 1/16/2014.


To keep inactive GLEPs from lingering in a limbo state, Draft GLEPs that have been inactive for more than 60 days and Accepted GLEPs that have been inactive for over six months should be marked "deferred" due to inactivity (and, presumably, lack of interest).


Right now a number of GLEPs have been in "Draft" status for as much as 11 months, with no obvious activity occurring to either submit the GLEP for approval or to withdraw it as a bad idea. Similarly, although it has not yet really been a problem, Accepted GLEPs also have the potential to linger without any indication that they are moving forward toward being finalized. Having a "timeout" period for GLEPs should spur GLEP authors to remain active in either getting support for or finalizing GLEPs.


If a Draft GLEP is inactive for more than 60 days or an Accepted GLEP is inactive for more than six months, then it would be marked as "deferred" on the main [1]. Inactivity is defined simply as the GLEP author has not contacted the GLEP editors with either an update or a request to submit the GLEP for approval (in the case of a Draft GLEP) or a request that the GLEP be marked final (in the case of an Accepted GLEP).

A GLEP that has been marked "deferred" may be reopened by request of the GLEP author or a Gentoo manager, as long as that request also includes either an update or a note submitting the GLEP for approval or finalization.


The GLEP editors have better things to do than chase after GLEP authors to find out how their GLEPs are progressing. This GLEP should help.

Backwards Compatibility

Not really an issue here.


  1. GLEP page


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