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This article will focus on building and using the duperemove utility from the newest ('live') source code directly out of the git repository. An ebuild is in the main Gentoo repository. Those who would like to quickly install an older version can simply emerge the package.


Duperemove needs a kernel version equal to or greater than 3.13.

Install the following build time dependencies:

root #emerge --ask --update =dev-db/sqlite:3 =dev-libs/glib:2

Get the source

user $mkdir ~/code
user $cd ~/code

Compile and install

Compile the source using the make command:

user $cd ~/duperemove
user $make

At this point the dupremove utility can be ran from the current directory or it can be installed to typical locations on the operating system. To install use the make install command as root:

root #make install

You did it! Duperemove should now be manually built and installed.