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This article is a stub. Please help out by expanding it - how to get started.

Pybugz is a command line interface to Gentoo Bugzilla.



Install the www-client/pybugz package:

root #emerge --ask www-client/pybugz


Please read man 5 pybugz.d for configuring pybugz. The README on GitHub has general informations. Help about using bugz is available with

user $bugz <subcommand> -h

The subcommands are: attach, attachment, connections, get, modify, post, search.

Easy configuration for

pybugz comes with a predefined profile for except for a required API key. Create an API key in the web interface and write it to the suitable place(s)

screenshot from helping to navigate to the API Keys tab screenshot with numbers: 1 Preferences, 2 API Keys
  • Visit the API keys tab and login if prompted
  • Generate a new key and write an optional description
  • Edit ~/.bugzrc and add:
FILE ~/.bugzrc
key=<api key>
  • Do this for every user, e.g. root, <user>

Check if everything works with screenshot assisting in generating a new API key. screenshot assisting in generating a new API key. With numbers: 3 activated check box, 4 optional description, 5 Submit changes
user $bugz search arm64


Attach plain text file $log to bug $bugnumber:

user $bugz attach -c "text/plain" -d "build log" $bugnumber $log screenshot showing the generated key screenshot showing the generated key. 6: the generated key to copy to .bugzrc