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Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon Video On Demand) is an Internet video-on-demand service offered by in the United States. It offers television shows and films for rental and purchase.

Most Amazon Instant Video and other DRM-encumbered Flash video streams require hald to allow the Flash DRM media to be properly presented or played. hald has been deprecated for awhile, and furthermore, Adobe Flash DRM has been assumed to never be fixed to work without this hald requisite.

Fortunately, media-libs/hal-flash provides a working stub library providing this hald requisite successfully allowing DRM Flash streams to be played.

A Roku Streaming device maybe a better option for some. Roku Streaming devices connecting to televisions via HDMI, cost less than $100, and do away with the requirement of maintaining a computer. The Amazon Instant Video service also provides enhanced HD video and/or A52/AC3/Dolby streams for these devices, and require little power. I'd suggest a Roku 3, as this model includes an ethernet port instead of only problematic wireless. These devices require a good fast cable Internet Service Provider!

Install Flash DRM Support

To make this and other players function correctly, simply install the plugin and library along with a browser of your choice:

root #emerge www-plugins/adobe-flash media-libs/hal-flash

Test Adobe Flash DRM

The Adobe hosted webpage titled Protected video content does not play contains further instructions on How to test playing Adobe Flash DRM content at the bottom of the page.

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