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Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and an intuitive interface. Unlike most desktop environments, Razor-qt also works fine with weak machines.

Razor-qt is currently being merged with the Qt port of LXDE, the final product will be called "LXQt". The first version (0.7.0) was released on may 7th, 2014, and there's a preliminary website.


For the complete Razor-qt desktop environment, install razorqt-base/razorqt-meta:

→ Information about USE flags
USE flag Default Recommended Description
doc No Adds extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
lightdm Yes Yes Install LightDM display manager and Razor-qt's LightDM greeter
policykit Yes Yes Enable PolicyKit authentication support
root # emerge --ask razorqt-meta

Razor-qt works with various window managers, and if you have none of the supported window managers installed, then the meta package will default to Openbox, as that is what most of its developers use.

Alternatively, you can cherry-pick the components that you want, instead of installing the meta package.


Most of the configuration of Razor-qt can be done through the Razor Configuration Center, which you can select from the menu.

Also note that you can configure generic Qt settings in qtconfig.


Most applications should work well with Razor-qt, but in case you want to keep in the spirit of a light-weight Qt-only desktop, please have a look at the recommendations on the Qt Desktop applications page. You can also use the qtdesktop set in the qt overlay.

x11-misc/compton can be used as compositor for transparency and shadow effects.


Support for Razor-qt on Gentoo can be found in the #gentoo-qt IRC channel and the Gentoo Forums Razor-qt topic. Bugs should be filed at Gentoo's bugzilla.

Development version

There are so-called live ebuilds in the qt overlay, which can be easily added with layman.

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