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webapp-config is the installer for web-based applications of the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is being used for the automatic setup of web applications in a virtual hosting environment.

Project Description

webapp-config was originally a bash script used to simplify the installation of PHP-based web applications. It has later been rewritten in Python to make it significantly faster. In its current state it is used for the majority of web applications provided within the Portage Tree.

It is still limited to the installation of file based web services which mainly refers to the common Apache/PHP combination and derivates thereof.

Project Goals

The goal of webapp-config is to make the installation of web applications as easy as possible.

Detailed project links


The code for the project is maintained at Gentoo's .


The archive of release tarballs is here .


For direct questions you may try to contact us over IRC. The project specific channel is #gentoo-web .

Ohloh project site

A project code overview and a summary can also be found at


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