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When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: pesa, pinkbyte, wired, yngwin, zlogene
  • Absent: kensington(announced), hwoarang(announced)

Welcome to zlogene who decided to join the team recently!

1. Qt5 status

  • Tentative target for main tree inclusion is Qt 5.1.x
  • Recursive test dependencies, while technically correct, can be annoying.
    • This problem affects more than just Qt. Is a global (eg. portage) solution possible?
    • johu suggests dropping the test flag for qttest
      • We could do something like qttest: src_test() { if ! has_version dev-qt/qttest; then einfo "qttest requires itself for tests, skipping"; fi; }
    • pesa has more ideas, see bug #457182 - comment #8 (variant 2 was accepted)
  • We need to move Qt4 binaries from /usr/bin to /usr/$(get_libdir)/qt4/bin (and handle things in eclasses properly - call qmake and friends with full path)

2. Remaining TODO items from last time

  • The biggest remaining blocker is bug #451456 - this is not fixed upstream as we may have thought
  • bug #465874: app-text/goldendict-9999 fails to build → just forward-port goldendict-1.0.1-gcc-4.7.patch Yes check.png Done
  • bug #464690: net-im/qutim-0.3.1 fails to connect TODO
  • We still need to move the wiki pages from gitorious to our project space on TODO by yngwin

3. Open bugs

4. Open floor

  • pesa raises question about switching to media-libs/phonon and dropping support for dev-qt/qtphonon (some relevant bugs - bug #477632, bug #475786),

need to run test for all reverse dependency to be correctly satisfied TODO by pinkbyte